Nightlife Demands De-Escalation For An Industry Dying By Coronavirus

The nightlife is still demanding a relaxation of the measures restrictive imposed on the sector since the beginning of the pandemic. After the success of the pilot test of the concert last Saturday at the Palau Sant Jordi , which was attended by 5,000 attendees, the Spanish nightlife association, Spain Nightlife , calls for a de-escalation calendar to be able to reopen the doors of its establishments.

In a statement, the non-profit organization has once again claimed that nightlife “is a safe sector” and has called for more pilot tests like the one on Saturday to demonstrate the compatibility between nightlife and health.

One year with the blinds down
Tito Pajares , president of Spain Nightlife, defends that nightlife “is dying, without help and without any idea of ​​when it will be able to reopen “, which is why he is committed to a progressive de-escalation agreed between the autonomies that allows the establishments to reopen.

“The time has come for restrictive measures to begin to become more flexible after the sector has been enduring more than a year of total closure and with hardly any financial aid,” he claimed.

For Pajares, the concert held at the Palau Sant Jordi on Saturday shows that ” the development of the activity and the protection of people’s health is perfectly compatible “.

For this reason, the association demands that the total closure of its establishments be replaced and that instead ” strict preventive and security measures be implemented , such as previous tests or air disinfection equipment endorsed by the health authorities.” In addition, Pajares has argued that screening to access its premises could give a large part of the population access to tests that would not otherwise be carried out.

Previous test to access the premises
“Subjecting the right of admission to them to the previous realization of a test with a negative result would clearly contribute to the reduction of infections , since many cases of asymptomatic people would be detected in an early phase of the chain of infections, which They would not take the test if they did not want to go out to dinner or to party, “said the general secretary of the employer, Joaquim Boadas .

“In addition, we continue to demand the approval of a specific rescue plan for the economic sector most affected by the pandemic, with real aid proportional to the severity, intensity and duration of the restrictions supported,” added Boadas, who also wanted to claim the situation of many entrepreneurs in the sector who are being “financially strangled”, since “waiting for herd immunity is not an option , since most nightlife businesses will be non-existent by then”.

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