Cuba Will Mark Houses Where There Are People With Covid

The Government of Cuba has reacted to the worst week of coronavirus infections of the entire pandemic with new measures that range from mobility restrictions between quarantined territories to signs of homes and facilities where there may be isolated people.

The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and the prime minister, Manuel Marrero Cruz, have led a meeting in which some of these restrictions have been outlined, which in principle will continue to be specified in the coming days for the areas with the highest prevalence of the disease. virus, like Havana.

Cuba accumulates 82,601 cases of covid-19, after being repeatedly over a thousand daily positives. This Wednesday, the Ministry of Public Health has confirmed, however, 961 new diagnoses, which places the active cases at 5,220.

At least 442 patients have died since the pandemic began – two more than on Tuesday – while 33 patients are in critical condition and another 44 are serious.

Rebound in infections
The Minister of Health, José Ángel Portal, has admitted that “as of the last week of January the epidemic outbreak has maintained a different pattern”, with an upturn in infections and the growing transmission of the virus in territories where it was apparently controlled, reports the official press.

Thus, he has attributed this reality to a concatenation of factors, including “deficiencies” in compliance with the protocols, delays in the admission of confirmed or suspected cases and the lack of compliance with quarantine, in such a way that “no effective community isolation is always guaranteed. ”

The minister has also pointed out that there may be a “decrease in the perception of risk” by citizens, both due to the time that has elapsed since the beginning of the emergency and due to the progress of the tests on the Sovereign 02 and Abdala vaccines. This week the more than 92,000 people taking part in the trials started receiving the second dose.

The Government wants to prohibit mobility between territories where quarantine measures and more surveillance patrols have been established to ensure that the various restrictions are met. Thus, he has stressed that he will apply more rigorously the fines to parents whose children are on the street and to those who do not use the mask correctly or do not keep social distance.

On the other hand, the authorities aspire to reinforce their capacities to guarantee that admission and isolation protocols are complied with at all times, with specific attention to vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities or the elderly living alone.

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