Reyes Maroto Highlighted Friday Doses in COVID-19

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, highlighted this Friday that, of the 5.5 million doses of the covid-19 vaccine developed by Janssen that will arrive in Spain in April, 800,000 will be distributed in Catalonia.

He said it at a press conference with the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, after visiting the factory of the Catalan pharmaceutical company Reig Jofre in Sant Joan DespĂ­ (Barcelona), in which the ‘fill and finish’ of the vaccine developed by Janssen.

Regarding production at the Reig Jofre factory, the minister has specified that the forecast is for the pharmaceutical company to start in mid-June and, although she has ruled out giving figures on the volume of vaccines to be produced, she has claimed that the company ” it can exceed a million doses a day. ”

The European commissioner has assured that they will deliver to Spain “what it needs” to achieve the immunization of about 70% of the population in summer.

Breton has emphasized that they are “working very hard” with companies and member countries to ensure that the planned deadlines are met.

The company will start manufacturing the antidote in mid-June and expects to have 55 million doses in the second quarter. This makes Europe the leading producer of vaccines.

The company will begin production of the vaccine in the second quarter of this year in its new sterile injectable plant , which has involved an investment of more than 30 million.

Reig Jofre, which has reserved 80% of its production capacity to start manufacturing the vaccine against covid-19, will be able to produce some 300 million injections a year.

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