EML & Fupay Join Forces to Launch Europe’s First Responsible BNPL-as-a-Service Product Attached to A Virtual Card 

One of the world’s most diversifying payments and the enabler of digital banking, EML Payments Limited is continuing its evolution. The cash flow management and millennial credit product is also powered by EML in Australia.

In order to offer businesses a cutting-edge white-label BNPLaaS solution EML is moving its way head to partner with Fupay so that it can take their combined technology to Europe.

The millennial of Fupay uses Open Banking data to provide smart cash flow prognosticate, serviceable insights, responsible BNPL ‘smoothing’ and appealing spend benefits that focussed on money management platform and is designed to help users make count every penny.

Fupay’s decorum is a spending and lending engine well maintained to address the ever-growing patron and monitoring demand for a better and safer miniature lending option.

Being passionate about driving BNPL experience along with their combination capabilities that are more responsible and affordable:

  • Authentication and affordability e-identity assessment
  • Customised and malleable payments on user’s cash flow.
  • Remittance and real time virtual card are available in one app only.
  • High impression data and rich al driven data makes it easy for the consumers and their demand.

”In the beginning of Fupay, we predicted the need to address the provocations faced by millennials meeting lifestyle costs, including an answerable millennial credit solution. The focus is more on addressing the solution rather than focussing on selling a thin BNPL product in the earliest time. There’s a clear requirement for BNPL establishments to do more to ensure their customers can furnish to repay credit extended to them and be more comprehensible for their customers’ financial welfare. The growing appetite has been seen from the customers and regulatory bodies to see real culpability, and Fupay is promoting this mature proceed towards the trending remittances tech alongside EML.” said Michael Fredericks, Managing Director & Founder at Fupay.

Sarah Bowles, Group Chief Product Officer at EML on the other hand commented: ”EML’s exhilarate to expand their connection with Fupay beyond Australia into a true growth cooperation. Our exciting new journey brings together EML’s effective card, A2A payments, the newest Open Banking consequences and Fupay’s best-in-class cash flow and millennial credit product to create a market-leading white-label offering.”

Bottom Line

Providence of an innovative payment solution platform by EML, is helping businesses all over the world to create an awesome customer experience. Offering the market-leading programme administration and highly skilled payments which expertise for businesses, brands and their customers to create a customisable feature-rich solutions.

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