Reachdesk Announces Appointment of Temy Mancusi-Ungaro as CEO

Temy Mancusi Ungaro appointed as the Chief Executive Officer by ReachDesk, the prime leader of global direct mail and corporate gifting company.

The company announced the appointment on May 11, 2021. 

“Reachdesk has experienced immense growth under the current co-founders leadership and I’m delighted to join a team like this, where the opportunity is huge and the business has come so far in just two years!” said Mancusi-Ungaro “Reachdesk is changing the way businesses communicate with prospects, customers and employees, the possibilities are endless and I look forward to taking this company to the next level of growth.”

ReachDesk having its offices at New York and London empowers B2B companies to bring moments that matter for growth, globally, throughout the whole customer life cycle.

ReachDesk was founded in 2018 and by 2020 it raised funding of nearly $6 Million, saw over 300% of prosperity and is identified as one of the top 5 fastest growing company in G2 crowd.

The company powers some of the leading businesses all around the world, delivering direct mails and e-gifts, at the click of a button while giving the capacity to get a clear ROI.

The businesses include Hootsuite, Sendbird and Zscaler.

The business is all about its customers and focused to invest in people, as well as expanding further around the world. The company holds a large focus on the United States.

ReachDesk plans to upgrade its existing headcount from 80 to over 200 employees by the end of the year.

Mancusi Ungaro is an experience holder of 14 years and has served previously as a marketing technology leader with scaling businesses. Most recently he served as a Chief Customer Officer at Electric Al, Inc., He used to oversee all post-sale operations which included duties like implementation, providing support, customer success, and other professional services.

Prior to this Temy served at Client Delivery and Operations at Yext at the position of SVP as well as Senior Director of CityGold.

“I’m delighted for the opportunity to work with Temy who has overseen phenomenal growth in numerous companies and has had great success in the marketing technology space.” Said Alex Olley, Co-Founder and CRO, he continued “this is the next chapter for us and we’re ready for Temy to take us to the next level with his people-first, customer-centric approach and aligned aspirations to grow our talented team, support our amazing customers and take the helm of the Reachdesk Rocketship!”

About ReachDesk 

Reachdesk allows companies to deliver moments that matter, all around the globe, all through the entire customer lifecycle.

Reachdesk acts as a channel for companies to deliver gifts and direct mail building deeper connections with customers, prospects and employees at just a click of button.

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